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Download Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0 For Windows 7

Download Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0 For Windows 7

Windows 8 UX Pack will theme your Windows 7 desktop with Windows 8 User Experience.

Features :
  • Added .NET Framework 4.0 requirements check
  • Added Developer Preview item for default Desktop/Logon screen options
  • Added ViOrb for changing Taskbar’s Start Orb to ones in Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • Added uninstaller in Programs and Features as separated uninstaller
  • Added wallpapers found in Windows 8 Developer Preview build
  • Fixed launcher problems with user account control (No more asking for admin rights on startup)
  • Fixed uninstallation code that doesn’t remove something (Zetro theme, old wallpapers)
  • Updated Mosaic with latest Newgen 6.0 with Windows 8′s tiles and UI configuration
  • Updated Default Windows Aero theme to dj-corny’s Windows 8 Metro Mod 1.5

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