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D7 V. 5.8.4 | Tool for PC technicians | Freeware |

D7 V. 5.8.4 | Tool for PC technicians  | Win 7/Vista/XP | 5.6 MB |
D7 is a tool for PC technicians to aid in many tasks and provide a uniform procedure for technicians to follow.  It has many capabilities and many uses including but not limited to:
- offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
- automatic download/extraction of 3rd party tools on demand when missing
- repairing Windows after malware removals
- general PC maintenance
- offline and live registry editing with mass search & delete features
- offline and live data backup
- CPU/RAM stress testing
- information gathering and quality assurance uses
- OS Branding
- IP/DNS configuration + backup & restore
- shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
- quick access to frequently used Windows tweaks
- numerous right-click context menu (in Windows Explorer) features for working with files and directories
- wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
- synchronization of MalwareScan definition files
- automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin
- offline application of password removal tricks enabling you to gain access to password protected live systems

Too much to list here, right now at least.
Note that D7 is not the malware scanner or remover, YOU are.  YOU control it's behavior by whitelist/blacklist functionality, and by your own pair of hopefully good eyeballs.  D7's MalwareScan functionality is designed to show you what D7 doesn't recognize, by whitelisting known good items, and automatically deleting known bad items.  D7's MalwareScan merely shows you what is left after the whitelisting/blacklisting is applied.  From there, you have the option to whitelist, blacklist, delete, rename, ignore, google, or whatever you want with the results.  
Included with D7 are some sample whitelists (yet no blacklists.)  It's up to you to decide if you should use them and add to them, or delete them and create your own. 
THIS TOOL IS INTENDED FOR EXPERIENCED PC TECHNICIANS ONLY, NOT FOR "END USERS."  This tool can be very dangerous and destructive if you don't know how to use it properly, or are inexperienced in malware removal techniques.  


Author: FoolishTech 

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