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Games Street Rod 3 (SR3)

Street Rod 3 (SR3) is a game made by a community consisting of developers, car enthusiasts, mechanics and fans of the original Street Rod games (SR1 & SR2). 
The aim of the SR3 is to create a game with the gameplay of the first two Street Rod's but adding improved graphics, physics, sounds, and maybe even support for multiplayer modes. 

This release is an ALPHA release. For those that don't know what that means, it basically is a development release. It is far from finished. The gameplay is unfinished, the graphics are temporary, and the code may have bugs in it. 

The release is mainly for people to check out how sr3 is progressing, or for the dev team to check out the game and give the modellers/artists a base to try out cars & other stuff.

Author: Auxiliary Software
Size: 15.5 Mb
Version: 0.42a
Requires: Win All
License: Freeware

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