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Xara Designer Pro7 V. | Full Version | with Crack + Patch |

Xara Designer Pro7  V.  |  Freeware  |  114 MB  |
Xara Designer Pro 7 provides the graphics for an unbeatable high speed through a simple interface to manage productive. Be creative, experiment, invent without limits! 
Content Pack - a set of templates for web pages, examples, clipart, textures, and more already created by other designers that simplifies working with Xara Designer Pro. 
Additional Information: 
- Direct Action Tools for creating a variety of effects: transparency, drop shadows, bumps, gradient fills in an interactive mode. 
- Mastered quickly and intuitively, without distracting from the process prompts. 
- Easy drag and drop feature that allows you to save a lot of time. Also supported import files by dragging and dropping. 
- "Live" border management facilities: drawing, movement, rotation and resizing with the mouse. 
- Ability to cancel the translational and applied all of the objects committed action. 
- Approximation of images up to 25,000% for working out the details (Zoom) while maintaining speed, high resolution and space in memory. 
- For the first time! Vector smoothing, improved image quality. 
- Three-dimensional Extrude modifier to create three-dimensional objects by dragging a straight line. 
- Tools for drawing vector lines and shapes. Each drawn line is editable. 
- Creating a gradient transparency to objects, photographs, text and vector shapes. 
- Create a smooth transition (Blend) from one form to another (for example, from circle to square) for photos, text and vector objects. 
- Vector layering of objects and shadows to create realistic images. In conjunction with transparency provides a fantastic opportunity for artistic pictures and vector modification vignetting. 
- 35 Live Effects plug-ins for editing after the application of various vector effects. 
- Support for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. 
- Create a volume, shadows and contours of objects to add depth and realism of the image without losing quality. 
- Maintaining the quality of images with multiple processing and rewriting. 
- Create beautiful photo collages - simply, quickly and professionally! 
- Revolutionary Tools for editing photos Xara Designer Pro 7! The unique combination of processing tools, masks and effects. 
- Create panoramic images, presentations and slideshows. 
- Convenient tools for cropping photos. 
- Transfer photos, logos and line illustrations in the raster. 
- Remove objects from photos, cloning and copying the selected objects with the Magic Photo Erase. 
- Create web pages for the site in HTML mode accurately display (WYSIWYG) with pop-up windows, navigation panes, menus, animations and graphic effects. It supports preview and ftp-download. 
- Create Flash-animation. 
- Web design without limits! Free movement of objects, text and photos on the page in the editing process. 
- Support for W3C, browsers, IE 6 +, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, standards XHTML and CSS. 
- Import and export files, bitmap formats GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, vector PDF, AI / EPS, EMF / WMF), as well as RTF (Rich Text Format), HTML, Flash. 
- Import and export files, Adobe Photoshop ® PSD, including the layers. 
- Export PDF-files. 
- Export of XPS. 

Download  here :

The procedure for treatment: 
A. Install the program, close it. 
B. File DesignerPro, put the crack from the folder with the replacement of the old file into the folder of the program installed. 
C. For Russification pomestite Patch_XaraXEng.exe in the root directory of the program, run, press the "Start". 
D. Help> Download templates. 
System requirements: 
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 
256MB of RAM 
640MB of available hard-disk space


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