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Becky! Internet Mail -Aplikasi Utilities untuk e-Mail

Becky! Internet Mail -Aplikasi Utilities untuk e-Mail
Becky! Internet Mail - a mail program with the Japanese-made adaptation of a Russian "road" in the form of full support for Russian character sets (except, of course, many others), with the ability to not only show but also to create HTML-letter, with the ability to receive mail via POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, templates and macros to automate the mail, with the ability to create multiple profiles for one mailbox, with the ability to recall events and automatically send a designated time CONGRATULATION, with support for plugins.
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Features : 
"Creating multiple mailboxes and profiles for each box 
"Support for POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (with support for SSL) 
"Incredibly small size of the program 
"The ability to view and read HTML mail bezispolzovaniya Becky 
"Creating and using templates for writing letters 
"A powerful manager of filters 
"Manager of the list of mailboxes 
"Using the plug-ins to extend 
»Find messages by key words with the ability to maintain 


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