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Windows 7 Toolkit

Here are some key features of "Windows 7 Toolkit" :
All-In-One Integrator:
· This tool is probably the most famous tool of them all, it allows you to integrate your Updates, Drivers, Addons (*.WA files), Registry Tweaks and comes with a load of tools to help those advanced users including installing your updates in LDR/QFE Mode.
Component Removal:
· This tool lets you remove those built-in packages which comes with windows! Windows Media Player/Center, IIS, Inbox Games, Internet Explorer, the list can go on...
Silent Installers:
· This tool lets you add you silent installers, it even gives you the option to prompt you which programs you want to install when Windows has finished installing, letting you install different programs for different computers.
Addon Maker:
· This tool his helpful for creating your own addons, although you do need to use a program like InstallWatch to let you know what happens during an installation of a program you want to make into an addon.
Capture Image:
· Either add an image to an existing WIM or make a completely new WIM!
Feature Manager WIM:
· This tool lets you manage which features are enabled/disabled after installation of Windows.
ISO Maker:
· This one is pretty self-explanatory, let's you create .ISO files to burn onto disk.
Registry Hive Mounter:
· Need to edit the registry of a specific WIM Image? Then this is the tool for you, apply you favorite performance tweaks before the OS is even installed!
WIM Manager:
· This ultimate WIM Manager tools. Rename, Mount, Export, Capture, Rebuild, Apply Unattended and that's just a start.
WIM Splitter:
· This tool lets you split your WIM file into multiple *.swm files
CAB Installer:
· Installs any cab updates you have to your currently installed OS, even in QFE/LDR mode.
CAB Retriever:
· When Windows Update downloads updates, its keeps a cab file in a download folder, this tool gets them so you can integrate them into your image, just in case the main list is not up-to-date.
Cleanup Tool:
· Helps cleanup unwanted temp files which W7T forgets to delete after closing and some other stuff.
Feature Manager OS:
· Lets you enable or disable features on your currently installed operating system.
Language Pack Converter:
· This tool helps you get the file from the .exe you download, it can even do a whole bunch in one automated go. However you must be using the same OS version for the language you are converting i.e. x64 Windows for x64 Language Packs or x86 Windows for x86 Language Packs.
MSU to CAB Converter:
· Converts those MSU update files to .CAB files.
Unattended Creator:
· Quite a new tool so very basic, but lets you create the basic unattended xml file.
MSP Extractor:
· Lets you get the .msp file from your Microsoft Office Updates


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