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AutoCAD for Designers (2010) - full Version

This book is a comprehensive, systematic description of how can and should adapt the work in AutoCAD 2009/2010/2011, in accordance with the standards of ESKD as a well-developed system of templates to create and maintain your library of blocks. The book gives an insight into how to most efficiently and conveniently, you can work in AutoCAD design. No detail is overlooked, from the creation of line types, layers of organization, size, and text styles to organize your workspace and practices of effective work in it. In the book there is a large number of case studies, professional advice, step by step instructions. book is written in accessible language with great attention to detail. 
There will undoubtedly be useful to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge, competence and efficiency in AutoCAD. 
On the drive attached to the book, there are components of the author's workspace electronic drawing board with the preconfigured components and commands, written a complete library of templates, formats, major and minor design documents ESKD, consisting of 122-X files (*. Dwt), 100% prepared for the constructor-mechanic. Also on the CD-ROM separately written an extensive library of blocks, with more than 2 thousand units, including 70 dynamic blocks, which are fully adapted as tools for tool palettes. 
These libraries can be successfully used in a variety of custom workspaces in all recent versions of AutoCAD. Pages: 384 Quality: excellent, 600dpi, color cover and b / w illustrations 
Language: Russian 
Format: DJVU Size: 29 MB


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