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Windows 8 Manager v1.0.7 Full Version with Keymaker

Windows 8 Manager - a program optimizer all in one, complete solution for different optimization settings, and sound quality cleaning of Windows 8. The program includes more than 30 tools to improve and accelerate system performance, increase its stability, the stability and security. Windows 8 Manager allows access to hundreds of hidden options to configure the system displays detailed information about all your computer and running processes, to help you personalize your copy of Windows.

New Windows 8 Manager allows the user to efficiently configure, optimize and clean Windows 8. The instrument contains a process manager, cleaner operating system, configuration wizards and optimize Windows 8 and even the center of the Windows Recovery 8. The latter allows you to restore the shortcut menu, file associations, Internet Explorer, icons, etc., and also has other features, like checking the originality of the system files.

- Shows detailed information about all components of computer hardware, the user's system and office products;
- Displays the running processes and open streams;
- Has the option of optimization and parameter settings of Windows;
- Has a built-in modules for cleaning the registry, hard drive, etc.;
- Speeds up boot and shutdown PC;
- Improves the performance of running multimedia programs;
- Configures the network connection;
- Allows you to adjust the appearance of the interface and some functions of control of the desktop, menus, services, and services, Internet Explorer, etc.

Language: English
Platform: Windows 8

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