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Android Collection - All about Android: Programs, Games & Widgets

Android Collection - All about Android : Programs, Games & Widgets

Large collection of various programs, games, widgets and live animated wallpapers on Android smartphones and tablets. New versions of the program and submitted for all categories of programs, and animated wallpapers to decorate your android ustroystvo.Vse programs and games working, tested on android device with version 4.0.4.
Bleed your smartphone or tablet android.

List of programs:

GO Launcher SOFTPACK (launcher, widgets, themes, bollards)
(Launcher) ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher Pro v1.2.1 Final
(Metro Go Loker) go locker windows
(Interface) Yandeks.Shell 1.11
(Battery widget) Android Battery Widget

(Agent) Mail-Ru Agent, ICQ Mobile 3.1.0
(Browser) Firefox 10 Beta, Chrome Beta 0.18.4531.3636, Opera Mini, OverSkreen (floating) 1.5.1
(Browser for the tablet) Opera Browser
(Client site) IMDB 1.5, Facebook 1.9.5, Twitter 3.2.1, 2.5.1 VKontakte, Classmates 2.0.5
(Traffic counter] Mobile Counter Pro - 3G, WIFI 2.4.4
(Market) Google Play Market 3.5.19
(Skayp. calls over the Net) Skype
(Internet speed test) speed test 2.0.9

(Antivirus) Dr.Web 7.00.1 Pro + key, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite
(Kasperskiy. Parental Control) Parental Control 1.0.15

Music and movies:
(Browser-based player) Adobe Flash Player
(Audio player) NRG-Player-FULL-v1.0.9c (+ crack)
(Audio player) jetAudio Plus, Winamp Pro 1.2.12
(Video player) Dice Player 2.0.3, MX Video Player + Codecs
(Video player) BSPlayer + codecs, RockPlayer Universal Full 1.7.4
(+ Video player codecs) Vplayer 1.4.3

(Startup Manager) Startup Manager (Full Version) 3.7, Autorun Manager Pro 3.5
(Dispatcher tasks) ES1.2
(Cleaning the trash) SD Maid Pro
(Backup) AppMonster Pro 2.5.2
(Allotments access) TeamViewer + host exe-Schnick
(File Manager) AndroXplorer Pro File Manager, Open Manager 1.6.6
(Transfer to SD) Link2sd v2.1.2
(Transfer to SD) App 2 SD Pro 2.54
(Firewall) droidwall_v1_5_7

Camera and Photos:
(Warp photo) Photo Deformer Pro 2.0.9
(Photo editing) Photoshop Express 1.3.2
(Photo Editor)
(Photo effects) FX18, (photo effects) Go Photo 1.2
(Photo effects) Little Photo 6.3.1, (photo effects) Photo Warp 1.6
(Photo effects) Photoeffects 10 2.5 (photo effects) Photofunia 2.0.7
(Photo effects) Photo2fun v3.0.2
(Photoshop for tablets android 3.1) Adobe ® Photoshop ® Touch 1.2
(Effects of the camera) Magix Camera MX
(The effects of camera) Camera360 3.3.rus

Office Suites and Reader:
(Office suite) OfficeSuite Pro 6 v6.1.861, Polaris Office 3.0.318
(Reader) Moon Reader pro v1.6.3, (reader) Bookmate Reader
(For opening PDF) Adobe Reader 10.0.2
(Translator Abbyy Mobile Lingvo)
(Translator) SlovoEd Deluxe

(Widget balance) Balanceby 3.0.96 2
(Battery widget) Beautiful Battery Disc 2.0.1
[Contact widget) animated widget contact pro 1.6.3
(Widgets) zdbox 3.4.210

Other useful:
(Patch licenses from Market) LuckyPatcher 2.0.0
(WLAN) WiFi Manager Premium 2.6.4
(Alarm) Alarm Clock by doubleTwist 1.2.2
(A set of numbers as on older phones) comwagadooldphone
(Navigator) Navitel
(Flashlight) FlashLight HD LED Pro 1.3.7
(Read QR codes) qr_droid_v4.0.3
(Call recording) Total Recall Call Recorder FULL
(Clock + alarm) Alarm Clock Ultra 2.0
(EQ) Equalizer FULL 3.2.1
(ID caller on the screen) Full Screen Caller ID 8.2.1
(ID caller full screen) big caller id 2.1.0
(Cheat codes PC] CheMax Rus 1.06.
(Purse QIWI] qiwi 1.15.3
(Lock screen) Scan v1.5

(Super user) SuperSU 0.90
(Backup) Titanium Backup 5.3.2
As well as a few games:
(Begalka) Dead Runner 1.4.4
oscura v1.0 armv6, Ice Age 4, Amazing alex
(Wolf catches the egg) well hang on
(Angry Birds) absp-v1.2.1, angry birds premium, angry birds space premium 1.0.1
(Zombika) plantsvszombies-1.0
(Zoom) zumas revenge v.2.0
Crouching Panda ... 3.5.3 2
(Lyagushenok) cut the rope 1.2, Cut the Rope Experiments
(Millionaire) kxcm 2012 1.01 full
(The world of Goo) World of Goo
(Island) Paradise Island 1.1.21
(Pac-Man) PacMan
(Firefighter) sprinkle 1.7
(Super Mario) super mario 1.1

(Do it from friends Zombie) zombiebooth
(Piano) Piano_Perfect
(Pivasik) iBeerFree, (facts) Fact, (anatomy) anatronica 1.42
(Recipes) Coffee Recipes 1.0
(Tattoo effect when photographing) TattooCam Virtual Tattoo Pro 1.2.0

It is also a separate folder in the archive are 41 live wallpapers for Android.

Almost all of the programs were tested on the tablet Asus TF-101 and SE Xperia Pro with version 4.0.4!

How to install on your phone or tablet running Android'om

* Copy the file *. Apk on ustroistvo (via data cable or bluetooth)
* Find it via the file manager
* Run
* Set
* Come and enjoy until you get bored)

Name: Android Pack by ProGmerVS 10.2012
Year: 2012
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 2.1 and above
Developer: Android
Language: English
Size: 1.91 GB

Download Android Collection ( select one) :

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