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Conceiva Mezzmo

Mezzmo - a program to organize, transfer and adoption of home networks for various media content (images, music, video) multimedia content. You can organize your music library, film library and a collection of photographs. The program is easy to cope with a large number of files (500,000 or more files.) Allows you to send any multimedia content, including favorite music, movies and photos from your PC to your TV, home theater, game consoles and other similar devices that support DLNA - a standard that allows compatible devices to transmit and receive on your home network, various media content, and display it in real time. 

This technology allows you to connect home computers, mobile phones, notebook computers and consumer electronics in a single network. Each device that is DLNA-certified, receives a sign with the symbol «DLNA CERTIFIED». 

Key Features Mezzmo: 
- Allows you to listen to music and watch videos, TV shows, movies and photos transferring them from your computer to your TV, home theater, game console or other computers in your home. - Works with DLNA-devices: Mezzmo supports popular DLNA devices from Sony, Samsung, D-Link, Nokia, Microsoft, Logitech, Pinnacle, etc. If you have a DLNA-TV, game console or other similar device, you can send and receive on your home network, different media content (images, music, videos) and display it in real time. 
- Your media files will be converted in video, audio and image formats supported by your DLNA-devices. It supports all popular video, audio and graphic file formats. No special codecs do not need. 
- Broad support for libraries: Mezzmo automatically locates all your movies, music and photos on your computer and organizes them in a library. Don't leech from All data can be stored, including album art, lyrics, titles, genres, artists, ratings and more. Supports large collections (500,000 or more files.) 
- Works with the latest gadgets: Importing music, video and photos from your iPhone, IPOD, ITunes, Windows Media Player and WinAmp. 
- The organization of their own playlists and folders to organize your music, movies and photos as you want. 
- Parental Controls: Set up the library, so that only some of the devices in your home will be able to access certain playlists, folders, and multimedia files. 
- Copy your audio CDs. 
- Record your favorite discs: Burn Audio CD, MP3 CD, CD / DVD with the data. 
- Quick and easy to use: Optimized for today's Dual Core, Quad Core or newer computers with multi-threaded data transfer technology. 

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7 
Language: Multi 

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