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Steganos Privacy Suite 14.1 Rev. 10270

Steganos Privacy Suite - A set of tools for comprehensive protection of your data to the PC and the Internet using the methods of cryptography and steganography (a method of data encryption that hides the fact of encryption). The program allows you to encrypt data, storing them on a virtual encrypted disk (the encryption of information occurs at ~ 1 Gb / s) to hide information in audio and image files while preserving their full functionality (image you can see, you can listen to music) to the encrypted e-mails, computer lock, delete files without leaving the slightest chance of recovery, etc. The program is equipped with a protective mechanism that prevents the loss of information when, for example, power failure and other troubles.

Steganos Privacy Suite 2012 - complements your firewall and antivirus with a first-class data protection and encryption.

* Storage of your favorite Web sites in the protected list. Includes plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
* Support for virtual keyboard
* Sending encrypted e-mail. To read you must enter the password and decrypt the message automatically
* Hides sensitive data in the form of images or music. Nobody finds the encrypted data hidden in these files
* Uses 256 Bit AES security algorithm

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