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USB Safely Remove 5.2.1 Build 1195

USB Safely Remove - this is a wonderful tool automating the work with your devices. It allows you to assign programs launch when you connect or disconnect devices, and also has a powerful command line in the kit. For those who mainly works with a keyboard, USB Safely Remove allows to stop devices or viewing their contents using "hot keys". And most importantly, a unique technology allows USB Safely Remove to determine exactly what prevents the device to stop and easily remove the cause. 

What makes USB Safely Remove better than Safely function in Windows: 
- Ability to remove unnecessary devices from the stop menu 
- Device names + renaming 
- Hot keys to turn off devices 
- User-friendly menu to turn off just one click 
- Autorun programs when connecting / disconnecting 
- Forced device stop 

Safely remove in one click. Simply place your mouse over the icon in the system tray and will appear convenient and beautiful menu stop devices; One click on the device and it is safely removed! Note the clear device names; USB Safely Remove determine the true device names. This allows you to disable the device you need it! 
"This device can not be stopped right now." When the device can not be stopped, USB Safely Remove shows what programs or processes have blocked it. And also, to close these processes with one click. 
Get rid of the excess. Now you can manage devices directly from the menu! Simply right-click on the device and you can open Exlorer with its contents, remove it from the menu, or rename it 
She loves the keyboard. Use the hotkey (Win + S by default) to display the stop, and then work with devices using the keyboard. Moreover, you can enable the "Stop immediatelly", and the program will stop your device, if there are no other visible devices. 
The properties of the device. Here you can change the device name, for it to download a picture or assign a hot key. 
Remove beautifully. For the device can be assigned to one of the wonderful standard icons or upload your own images (JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO and other formats are supported). 
You are unique. Therefore, USB Safely Remove allows you to change many aspects of his behavior, so that you can adapt the program to your own taste. For example, you can force the program to hide the icon from the system tray when you do not see a single device. 
Can not find your device? Open the main form. Simply drag the device from the section "Hidden" in the "Displayed", to him again, you could work from the stop menu. 
Bogged down in routine? Automate! USB Safely Remove has a powerful command line, which allows you to watch the device off, look who prevents them off. For example, you can use the command line to automatically disable the device encrypted with True Crypt. 
The abundance of new icons. We complement our set of icons of devices many wonderful icons. 

Changes in version 
- The speed of the program has been improved. Now, the program scans your hardware configuration changes faster and uses less system. 
- Complete information about the version adds all the modules of the program 
- "Apply" button in the settings is enabled only if you have changed what either option. 
- Fixed: command "forcedstop" usr.exe command line not working 
- Fixed: Small memory leak 
- Fix: Program could hang when connecting external devices 
- Fixed: "Apply" button in the settings sometimes change is not applied 
- Fix: Autostart is not allowed to perform some DOS commands (such as pause, net) 
- Fixed: Sometimes the error occurred after the export program settings

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