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7Burn Portable 2.0 - Full Version

Portable Burning Studio
Burning files to CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs is something we’ve all done numerous times. However, if you don’t use the right app the job might be compromised and the entire process would be a waste of time.
7Burn Portable is a tool designed to write data on any type of support, including Blu-Ray discs. The software offers a small number of options. You can burn files and folders or erase the data held on the disc, burn or create ISO files or format the disc, as well as write audio WAV files to CDs.
Files can be added individually or as entire folders. Any of the files can be removed from the list from the interface.
In order to build an image, you must choose the media type from a drop down menu. You can copy a wide range of writable discs, including CDs (ROM, R, RW), DVDs (ROM, RAM, +R, +RW, +Dual Layer, -R, -RW, -Dual Layer) and Blu-Ray discs (Rom, R, R E).
It’s also possible to create an ISO file by adding files found on the Hard Disk. Then, you must choose the file systems (ISO 9660, Joliet and UDF), define an output directory and choose an action to run after the task is completed. ISO files created by you or already on the computer can then be burned to any of the supported media.
Creating audio CDs is even easier, as you only need to add WAV files to the list.
All in all, 7Burn Portable is a complex tool that can be helpful when you need to write various discs. The interface is clean and intuitive, which means that inexperienced users should be quick to figure out all the app’s features.

· .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
· IMAPIv2.0

Developer : RCPsoft
Size / OS : 3.6 MB / Windows Vista / 7 

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